Roof Replacement vs. Repair

19 Jun 2022

When your roof has a little bit of damage, the question you need to ask is whether you should just repair the issue or go with a full replacement. It is an important question that we here at Mountain West Roofing are ready to answer for you to make sure your home is safe and secure, while also keeping cost in mind.

If just a little bit of damage or wear and tear has occurred, you don’t want to spend the money to go for a full replacement when a simple fix will do. On the other hand, the old adage of “a pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure” also applies, and you don’t want to simply put a bandage on the issue to solve it in the short-term while ignoring long-term consequences that could be more costly.

Not all roof issues are created equally, so it is best to speak with a professional in this industry to make a correct diagnosis and suggest the right scope of work that is needed so your roof is in its best shape.

When it comes to doing a full roof replacement, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages compared to simply doing minor repairs.

Advantages of Roof Replacement:

  • You are removing all ageing materials – your entire roof will be brand new, setting its age back to zero and restarting the timeline for when a new roof is needed.
  • If there are multiple minor issues that need to be fixed, that when added up can be costly to do individually, all can be resolved by doing a full replacement so all parts of the roof are in great shape.
  • Major issues, such as water damage and signs of moisture, can be eliminated. These are issues that may not be apparent from the exterior and may not be exposed without tearing up parts of the roof that are being worked on. These potential major issues can be identified and remedied with a full replacement.
  • Customization of your roof, you can do the new roof in the style and colour of your choice. If you were to simply do a roof repair job, you would replace the worn roof with those that match the existing material.

Disadvantages of Roof Replacement:

  • Cost. It goes without saying, but doing a replacement of an entire roof will cost more than a simple patch job or putting in some new shingles in troublesome areas.
  • Time. Another obvious aspect, but it will take considerably longer to do a full replacement as opposed to spot-treating minor issues.

If you have a small job and are happy with the way that your roof otherwise looks, go ahead with just getting the necessary repairs done. If you have multiple issues, have a budget that will support an entire replacement, and would like to change the look of your roof to enhance your home’s beauty, it is recommended that you do a full replacement.

If you are facing this issue at your home, our team of experts is standing by to assist you on our Contact Us page.