EPDM Gutters – Everything You Need to Know About EPDM Gutters: A Complete Guide

19 Apr 2023

EPDM gutters are a popular choice in Vancouver for both residential and commercial buildings. Made from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, this synthetic rubber material is highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions, making it a reliable option for gutter systems.

EPDM Gutter Advantages

Durability – One of the main advantages of EPDM gutters is their durability. Unlike other gutter materials like aluminum or vinyl, EPDM gutters do not rust or corrode, which means they can last for many years without weakening. They are also highly resistant to harsh weather conditions like heavy rain, strong winds, and extreme temperatures, making them a dependable choice for property owners looking for a long-term solution.

Flexibility– Another benefit of EPDM gutters is that the rubber is a flexible material capable of conforming to the contours and dimensions of your roof and gutter system. Its moldable nature enables it to be customized to any design, rendering it a versatile option for residences with unique architectural characteristics.

Fire Resistance – EPDM rubber possesses a valuable attribute of being self-extinguishing, which allows it the ability to withstand flames and limit the spread of fires. This characteristic is particularly beneficial for homeowners residing in regions susceptible to fires.

Better for the Environment– EPDM rubber can be recycled and repurposed, which minimizes waste and conserves natural resources. Furthermore, it is free of hazardous compounds and toxic chemicals, rendering it safe for both the environment and human well-being.

EPDM Gutters Loose Fitted vs Fully Adhered

Now that you have decided that EPDM gutters are the right choice for your home, one decision that needs to be made when installing an EPDM gutter system is whether to opt for a loose fitted or fully adhered installation.

What’s the Difference?

A loose fitted installation involves securing the EPDM gutter to the roof with a series of fasteners or clips. The EPDM gutter is allowed to move slightly with changes in temperature and weather conditions. A fully adhered installation, on the other hand, involves gluing the EPDM gutter to the roof using an adhesive. This creates a permanent and secure bond between the gutter and the roof.

Loose Fitted Advantages

One of the main advantages of a loose fitted installation is that it is relatively easy to install. This is because the EPDM gutter can be fitted quickly and with minimal fuss, without the need for specialty tools or adhesives. Additionally, a loose fitted installation allows for the gutter to expand and contract slightly with changes in temperature, which can help to prevent damage or buckling of the gutter over time.

Loose Fitted Disadvantages

A loose fitted installation may not be as secure or long-lasting as a fully adhered installation. Over time, the fasteners or clips used to secure the gutter may become loose or damaged, which can lead to leaks or other problems. Also, a loose fitted installation may not be suitable for areas with high winds or extreme weather conditions, as the gutter may be more likely to shift or become dislodged.

EPDM Gutters – Fully Adhered Advantages

A fully adhered installation is more secure and long-lasting than a loose fitted installation. This is because the EPDM gutter is permanently bonded to the roof using an adhesive, which creates a strong and durable connection between the two. Additionally, a fully adhered installation can help prevent water from seeping under the gutter and causing damage to the roof or underlying structure.

EPDM Gutters – Fully Adhered Disadvantages

However, a fully adhered installation may be more complex and time-consuming to install than a loose fitted installation. This is because the adhesive used to secure the gutter must be applied carefully and allowed to dry fully before the gutter can be installed. Additionally, a fully adhered installation may require specialty tools or equipment, which can add to the cost of the installation.

The Choice Is Up to You.

The choice between a loose fitted or fully adhered EPDM gutter installation will depend on a number of factors, including the climate in the area, the condition of the roof, and the budget for the installation. While a loose fitted installation may be quicker and easier to install, a fully adhered installation is likely to be more secure and long-lasting. It is important to consider all these factors carefully before making a decision on which installation method to choose.